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             Here you will find tips on how to improve every aspect of your life through healthy eating, exercise and yoga. As an ACE- certified group fitness instructor and yoga teacher, I don't just write about health and fitness - I live and breathe it every day. I love getting people off the couch and helping them sweat and stretch their way to good health. Browse my website for the latest in health and fitness news and parenting tips, or join me in one of my weekly classes.

Meditation & Deep Breathing

Focus on your breath as you relax and clear your mind in seven easy steps.  

Car size, technology features, engine acceleration and test ratings matter when looking for the safest car for your teen.  

Fueling for Peak Performance

Planning to go on a long run or play in a soccer tournament this weekend? What you eat before, during and after your workout can make a big difference in your performance.

Overuse Injuries Rising 

With kids specializing in a single sport year-round, overuse injuries are soaring. Cross-training and taking seasonal breaks can reduce injuries and prevent burnout. 

Pursuit of Perfection 

Kids are bombarded by airbrushed images of super models and muscle-bound men. How can parents help them look beyond the media hype and develop a healthy body image? 

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Yoga classes can be found practically on every street corner in a wide array of styles - from the gentle beginner's class to the ultra-athletic heated power class. The challenge is finding a class that matches your goals and ability, so you can cultivate a healthy body and mind without risking injury. 

WhAt kind of yoga class do you need?

Combine Healthy Eating and Exercise for Big Weight Loss

​​If you're trying to lose weight, set aggressive goals and combine exercise with good nutrition.